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제목 New cooperationship with EVERDIGM
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2010-07-28 18:51:45

WYS & Everdigm[Before Hanwoo; Breaker manufactue] was have signed on July 27
to use the under part seals of thier all Breaker Model by WYS item which new developped
Urethane made 'IDKW(rod seal) & HBKW(buffer seal) & LBW (dust seali).

Since breaker seals working condition is very extreme condition than any hydraulic cylider
, if the seal material is not good it can not resist even one day. but WYS new material seal is
can resist around 1year, even Japan N company just can resist one month in the middle east area. 

Everdignm & WYS have field test together during 1year for new Everdigm Breaker and
both company can verify the new material seals quality is confidence in quality.
and they finaly decided to use their main seals by WYS seal instead Japan N company item
or USA P company item.

WYS new developped Urethane material is so far world best quality than any other seal maker
in the world. and it have competitive price than Japan K company even N company or other
premium seal brand. it's a one of epochal issue in the this seal business.