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제목 IDKW ' New cooperationship with Yantai Doosan Infracore for Genuine seal kit
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2010-07-28 19:09:02

Yantai Doosan Infracore in China is start using the Rod seal of their all Genuine seal kit
by WYS IDKW rod seal and HBHW Buffer seal which made by WYS new developped urethane matreial.

After many years testing and filed testing, Doosan have approved to use the Rod seal
with WYS IDKW from July 2010 instead NOK.

since IDKW quality is sofar world best. and the price is very competitive than any other 
premium seals, Doosan can provide more competitive price to their consummer.

 in the mean time, Doosan improved the seal kit quality with WYS like more high quality,
by this chance consummer can use Doosan Genuine Seal kit with better quality and more competitive price.